Engrave Diamonds Into Your Jewelry

Personalize your own 3D Crystal Diamond using a laser engraving message and a personalized photo to add that special touch. The 3D Crystal Gemstone is the perfect gift for any occasions. It is also a unique way of presenting your engagement ring or wedding band. You can choose from a wide selection of different materials and colors for your ring. Here are some suggestions on how you can personalize a diamond ring.

Engrave Text – Choose a message that is meaningful to you or someone special on the inside of the ring. You may also engrave text on the inside of the band to make it extra special. Personalization allows you to make a statement with the way in which you choose to present your jewelry.

Engrave a photo – Engraving a photo on the inside of the ring allows you to have a more personal message which you can use when you are presenting the ring. You may choose from a variety of different backgrounds which you like. You can choose to use a photograph of someone special, such as a parent or a child or a picture of a favorite vacation spot. You can also choose to engrave a photograph of a favorite hobby group. You can have a photo of your child taken during the summer vacation at your favorite beach. Or, you can engrave a picture of your pet turtle that you love so much 3D Crystal Prestige.

Custom Logo – You may even design a custom logo to use on the inside of the band. Using a custom logo on your ring allows you to showcase your personal personality through the design that you use. It is also a great way to personalize the ring, making it a memorable gift for the recipient.

You may also customize rings using your own two hands. If you want to use your hands to engrave messages on the inside of the band then you may use a pair of small metal pliers to hold the diamond while you use the pliers to hold the lettering. And turn them around in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. You can even use two pieces of scrap paper to create a pattern. On the band by holding the letters in place with one piece and then placing the diamonds on top of each lettering to create a outline 3D Crystal Heart.

Engrave a Message – To engrave a message onto the inside of the ring, you will need a small magnifying glass. Use this glass to look at the inside of the ring before you write on the ring. Once you have a clear and accurate view of the inside of the ring, use the laser engraver to carve out the message you want to place onto the inside of the ring.

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