What Foot And Ankle Doctor Do?

If you are suffering from foot pain and discomfort, visit a medical clinic near you to find the right foot and ankle doctor. An orthopedic surgeon is one of the best doctors to consult if you have foot pain or injury that does not respond to the conventional methods of pain relief. Some foot and ankle injuries can be treated using conservative treatments, like physical therapy, rest and orthotics. Other conditions, however, will need foot and ankle surgery, including: Arthroscopic surgeries, fusions and multiple ankle replacements.

Foot And Ankle Doctor, located in Houston, Texas, is one of the premiere health care providers for foot and ankle care in Texas. They provide cutting-edge treatment for adults and children who suffer from foot pain and other ankle problems. Texas Orthopedic Hospital is one of the most prestigious clinics in the country for foot care. The hospital boasts a full array of specialty departments for foot and ankle care, including pediatric, orthopedic, cardiology and neurological services. The hospital offers many types of therapeutic services, which include massage, heat therapy, and nutrition services for pain management.

The Foot and Ankle Specialist specialize in treating all types of foot and ankle conditions, including podiatry. He performs surgeries, like microdiscectomy, plantar fascia reclamation, heel drop repair and total foot replacement. He provides complete preventative care as well as long-term supportive care for your feet and ankles. Texas orthodontists perform dentures and prosthetics for individuals who have lost or damaged their teeth.

Foot And Ankle Doctor work closely with physical therapy as he ensures that his patients are healthy. For those who have recently suffered from a traumatic accident, Foot And Ankle Doctor can offer the services of a podiatrist to help treat the pain caused by the accident. Podiatrists can provide a range of treatments, which can include exercise, physical therapy and surgery, depending on the severity of the foot and ankle conditions. The physical therapy treatments provided by Foot And Ankle Doctor can help patients regain strength, stamina and function, while orthopedists can help patients to treat conditions, like Achilles tendonitis, foot fractures, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and more.

If you have had an injury or have a chronic condition that affects your knees or ankles, Foot And Ankle Doctor can diagnose and treat you with arthroscopy. Arthroscopy is an arthroscope used to look inside the joint. This procedure is also known as total knee replacement. During arthroscopy, doctors break up a joint by making incisions around it, removing bone and ligaments, and then reattach them in a new and stronger place.

Foot And Ankle Doctor are a fellowship-trained foot and ankle specialist who provide several different services to those who may need them. These surgeons are highly trained clinicians with many years of experience. Many have residency training at colleges and have certificates from these colleges. They also undergo additional training from within the specialty to ensure that they are up to date on new advances in their field.

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