Water Damage Restoration – Why It Is Important To Do So

Water damage restoration is often necessary after a flood, hurricane, windstorm, or fire. Flooding may happen underground and may be due to standing water, leaky pipes, clogged drains or other water issues. Flooding may be more extensive than a simple drain hole or slow moving drains. Fire damage can cause extensive damage to the home including gutters bursting, ceilings being whipped off, walls collapsing, and electrical wiring being blown away.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is best done quickly and with specialized equipment. The longer water damages or mold removal goes on, the more extensive the damage and the harder it will be to get rid of the mold. The following steps to take when you detect water damage in your home or office: Close off the water supply or shut the water off so flooding ceases. If possible, call a water damage restoration company before unplugging, plugging or removing any items from the flooded areas. Invest in heavy duty industrial fans or rent a dehumidifier to dry out any spaces that may have been dried by moisture.

Natural disasters cause flooding because of either subsurface drainage or a sudden storm. Both can be fixed, but often the cost outweighs the benefits. Professional water damage restoration companies are the best way to address subsurface flooding. A small hole may be the cause of hundreds of dollars in damage. A larger problem can cause thousands of dollars in repairs.

Storms may also cause Fire Damage Restoration, but if the water has already receded, it will not cost a lot to fix. After the flooding the first thing to do is to assess the structural integrity of the building. Check for structural weaknesses including weak spots where the foundations and flooring meet. Any water restoration process should include drying the interior of the building. The outside can be treated with a dehumidifier.

One thing many homeowners do not think about is hiring a professional water damage restoration firm. Air movers often have special equipment that is designed to deal with situations like this. Many of these air movers also have a team of technicians that specialize in water damage restoration. They can remove mold spores from one area and then suck them up with their compressed air. They have tools that suck up even the smallest amount of moisture so mold does not have the opportunity to start growing again.

These firms can also use their expertise to deal with flood damage. If the flooding comes from a burst pipe, for example, the mold removal and drying processes are much more complicated than it would be with a natural disaster. Mold spores cannot be simply killed with bleach. However, they can be killed with natural disinfectants. A good company will provide all the necessary products for the proper cleanup. Storm Damage Restoration should be on your list of emergency preparedness supplies.

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